Rosato  wine IGP Terre Siciliane, 100% Syrah.
    Fresh scents of spring and pomegranate, sweet and drinkable with pleasant acidity.

    Chi dorme non piglia pesci (He who sleeps doesn’t catch fish) is the name of the Rosé we created in 2019, seizing an opportunity. The situation with the Syrah that year was particular: in September the grapes had reached sugar levels of 18 Babo degrees and therefore an alcohol content of just under 12 degrees. The skin colour was not intense, and even though the climatic conditions were excellent, the grapes had reached peak ripeness. I remembered the grapes I used to harvest as a young man to make a wine my mother liked a lot: fresh, drinkable and pale in colour, a pesta e ‘mutta  (meaning the grapes were pressed and immediately put in barrels). It was a wine made with the free-run juice from grapes that had just been crushed with all their stems. So, we thought, why not make a Rosé using the same method? It would be the perfect solution! Our graphic designer came up with the name. We were unsure at first but she insisted, and she was right. The saying (the equivalent of the English proverb “the early bird catches the worm”) reflects our character, our innate curiosity, our eagerness to keep discovering and creating new things, and the pleasure we take in putting ourselves to the test. So, we had stayed awake and we had seized the opportunity. In fact, three opportunities – a few months later we were awarded the ‘4 Roses’, and best Italian Rosé wine label.

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