Bottling is the final phase in the long process of wine production that starts with the growth of the grape. This is a delicate stage because the wine undergoes a series of processes. It is racked (transferred from one vessel to another to allow for removal of sediment) during which it will be more or less intensively oxygenated, and where necessary it is filtered. During these processes the wine passes through machinery that stresses it because, don’t forget, wine is living matter. The less invasive and the more sensitive these operations are, the more the wine can recover and enhance its finest characteristics while it is aged in bottles. 

For this reason we use a volumetric bottling system, a piece of equipment that fills the bottles in two stages, delivering a regulated and consistent dose to the selected fill level, without using pumps. It’s not a quick process and it produces fewer bottles per hour, but it’s a method we’ve adopted to minimize stress on the wine.