The library of the Capuchin Monastery is full of people. Six modern low energy bulbs hang anonymously on the walls. Ladies and gentlemen please pay attention, the show is about to begins. People sit down, lights go out. A floor lamp lights now the sofa on the stage. Tamar gets on stage with a small white book in her hands, she sits down, opens it and starts reading the page. Music plays its first notes. She waits with her back straight and an impassive look. Right in front of her, at the back of the room Arsen checks on his computer  the tones, timbres and volumes of his music. He raises his arm, between his fingers he holds a white small sheet, slowly puts it down.  This is the signal: Tamar begins to read. OGGI OGGI OGGI. TODAY TODAY TODAY. For 279 times like the days of the pregnancy she reads her verses and repeats this word in which sadness, happiness, monotony, expectation tell the many places of her soul.  People close their eyes. Arsen’s music and Tamar’s voice: The first embraces you almost sensually while the second, slow and rhythmic with no inflection and no cadence,  takes you by the hand to the present where everything and everything is possible. Music stops, Tamar closes her book. The room is silent, it is a place without time and without space. Then the applause explodes and, out of the blue, you are again in the real world.

This performance marks the end of the first #smArt_grounding residence//1@ Tenuta la Favola in Noto, the first residence of Bridge Art owned by our Company Tenuta La Favola: seven days during which the artists have rehearsed and met students, cultural workers, psychotherapists and Tenuta La Favola has become also place for culture and multiculturalism.