Vitigno Nero d'Avola

The first Sicilian DOC to have the name of Nero d'Avola as the name of the wine is the DOC Eloro which includes the DOC type Eloro Nero d'Avola. The first application, was made in the 1970s by Paolo Fici of Cantina Sperimentale di Noto, the approval was given in 1994. The Nero d’Avola today is the most common black grape variety in Sicily, but certainly the one coming from the Eloro area (Noto, Pachino, Rosolini, Porto Palo and the southernmost part of the town of Ispica) has recognizable characteristics peculiar to the other Nero d'Avola produced in other areas of Sicily. Nero d'Avola (whose main name is Calabrese) originates in the area of Noto-Avola. This opinion is supported not only by various historical information but also by Giorgio Piccitto, in his Sicilian Vocabulary. He argues that the term calaulisi, the common name of Nero d'Avola, comes from caleu or calea synonymous with racina (from the Latin racemus or grape) and aulisi. Therefore the name can be divided into calea-aulisi from which cal'aulisi ie grape from Avola that became Nero di Avola. Even today, in Pantelleria, the word caleu seems to be equivalent to black grapes. Historical data narrates that the Syracusan warriors of the fifth century BC celebrated their victories in the Piana di Eloro by drinking the excellent local wine Eloro. Eloro is the name that was attributed to the homonymous river Eloro, today known as the Tellaro. The port of Eloro, together with that of Naxos and Milazzo, represented one of the three wine emporium of eastern Sicily. The wine called Heloron, produced on the coast from Syracuse to Kamarina, was certainly transported throughout the then known world. The Nero d'Avola La F'avola of Tenuta La Favola is cultivated in the Buonivini district inside the Pachino area, which is the area of excellence of the Eloro DOC area. He is the son of a white limestone land, a perennially ventilated hill and a population of Nero d'Avola native to the area. The Nero d'Avola La F'avola that has as characteristics:

  • color
  • a sustained total acidity that gives freshness and longevity
  • a particular aromatic component.

Non il miglior vino del mondo, ma il vino di questa terra.

Not the best wine in the world, but a wine that contains inside this little piece of Sicily.