When I first came across the logo of the Independent Winegrowers association in 2017, I was pleasantly struck by the image of the slightly dishevelled man, bent forward under the weight of his grapes, but also by that adjective: independent. Both represented what I feel myself to be – someone who works in the vineyard and tends his plants without the need to follow trends and fads. From that time on, I’ve been one of the clan.
2020 was going to be a year of turnaround for me – I’d had enough of the usual trade fairs and had decided to get involved only in events that reflected best my own way of living and cultivating. This would have been my first year at the Independent Winegrowers fair in Piacenza. It’s a shame that Covid had other plans, in this, the year we have a Sicilian delegation.
So, shall we meet? In person, certainly not, but virtually yes! Come to the Mercato dei Vignaioli, the Independent Winegrowers Market, and … surprise yourself!