Valeria Valenza, expert of German culture, writer specialized in didactic of civilizations, conceived the project La Favola – Bridge in 2015. It has been developed between  Val di Noto, in the Tenuta la Favola, and the United States. Conceived in New York by Ms. Valenza  with the support of Cristina Bertarelli, graduated in economy and business studies and coach specialized in the support of global lives, the project focuses its attention on  cultural diversities. It aims to remove and replace the emptiness of the social relationships, the loss of affections and identity that characterizes people who approach different civilizations with a peaceful approach of integration for a better awareness of self and the nature. The contacts with the United States are held by Ms. Valenza who also manages the direction of the project. This brings to the internationalization of Sicily that since ages is the crossroads between East and West, North and South, non-communicable worlds at first that here melt in harmony. Another objective is the education of the young generations. On this regard, the project has been presented at the United Nations International School – proposing an educational program based on strategies of grounding for expats, organized at the Tenuta la Favola. Bridge art, within the Favola – Bridge project, reaches to the world of the contemporary art, with Lori Adragna as artistic director.


Bridge art is a physical and conceptual space at the same time. Its beating heart is  Tenuta La Favola into the Val di Noto, a place with powerful nature, mankind heritage and since 2002 UNESCO World Heritage.

Bridge art is a shared vision, an experimental lab of the most recent researches of the contemporary art. Bridge art is a multicultural platform, a bridge to connect foreign and Italian realities.  Tenuta becomes the collector and the role model of collaboration between different subjects.  It collects and spreads both visions and materials as well as ideas and pieces of art. The artists, immersed in the atmosphere of this place, will breath and experience the multifaceted aspects of local nature,  culture,  history and art. They will meet to explore, to contaminate each other, to embrace and to build community favoring a creative path that opens itself and opens to new reflections, proposals and relationships ,opportunities of exchange and integration; a continuous and profitable renovation of ideas  that becomes an opportunity of growth, human, artistic and economic development.